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Vivint Security Monitor in Toledo
September 23, 2021

Should I utilize a security camera as a baby monitor in Toledo?

Should I utilize a security camera as a baby monitor in Toledo?

In the process of assembling the nursery, you built the crib, painted the walls a delicate, lighter hue, and installed the greatest diaper changing space ever. You’re now ready to decide how you want to watch over your precious one. You might go with the standard monitoring choice that allows you to supervise through an integrated speaker, or you might step up the tech and get high-def video feeds, two-direction communications, and instant activation through motion detection.

The higher tech alternative may make you think of video surveillance included in a complete home protection plan, but should you use a security camera as a baby monitor in Toledo? 

What features do you need in a baby monitor in Toledo?

In years past, a baby monitor was pretty simple. You put a microphone-type device in close contact to your child’s bed, transmitting sound to a connected gadget that resembles a walkie talkie. Fortunately, baby monitors now have more options. For example, today’s monitors now include high-definition video feeds and two-way talk. You can even hook your monitors to your home’s wireless signal so you can move around wherever you want. The top baby monitors in Toledo are so elaborate that they mimic inside surveillance in both functionality and expense.

Would you replace your baby monitor with an integrated surveillance system?

Since baby monitors and home defense cameras share comparable functionality, there are numerous residents in Toledo integrating their nursery to their home security system. It’s a smart approach -- specifically if you’re upgrading to Vivint smart home technology -- as your baby monitor will give you access to:

HD video with low-light capability: Your surveillance system should include 1080p high-definition imaging, and infrared functionality for reliable low-light performance.

Two-direction audio: Now you don’t need to go to the nursery to get your newborn back to a gentle slumber. Your calming voice could be all you need to keep bundle of joy sleeping.

Motion sensors: While it’s an option to have your surveillance system stay on constantly to keep a close eye on your child, your own alertness may begin to waver. However, when your camera detects unexpected movements, it can be programmed to send a message on your phone. This is helpful when the baby soundlessly scales up the crib or if a pet sneaks into the space.

Video recordings: Most baby monitors do not capture video footage. You can now send a brief sample to friends or family members to let them see what a beautiful sleeping baby you have.

Watch on your mobile device: As an alternative to having to lug an external monitor with you, you can view your child from your home security app. You can even check in on your tot and babysitter when you go for a night out.

A security camera baby monitor may be part of your smart home installation

The great part about implementing a security camera as a baby monitor in Toledo is that it can link to your other smart home products. As an illustration, if you see that your newborn is particularly restless, you are able to tweak your thermostat from the security app to get a more pleasant temperature. Additionally, when they wake up for a late-night snack, you have the chance to slowly illuminate the room's smart bulbs to signal that you're on your way. If you by chance have multiple small children in different rooms, you could give each one an indoor security camera and monitor the video in a unified cell phone application.

An indoor security camera in Toledo is an important aspect of your comprehensive home defense plan

If you are looking for a home security camera to use as a baby monitor or you just need to upgrade your home defense, start by calling Secure24 Alarm Systems. A Vivint specialist will guide you through all the possibilities and assist in getting the ideal security plan for your unique needs. Place a call to (419) 359-8479 or complete the form below.